About Us

AF Jonna Development, L.L.C. has been a leader in commercial development and the renovation of existing buildings in the Detroit and metropolitan Detroit markets. As a family owned and operated company, AF Jonna has established itself as a premier commercial property owner and property manager. AF Jonna has provided quality retail property and entrepreneurial environments for many startup companies. The Jonna family has taken a hands-on approach in the site selection and construction process to create growth in small up and coming communities in southeast Michigan. Our involvement in the property does not stop at construction, once construction is complete AF Jonna takes pride in maintaining the centers to provide the community with something to be proud of. Redeveloping major intersections in the urban market has also become an important aspect to AF Jonna. We believe that the rejuvenation of these areas will recreate growth in the market. AF Jonna’s strong and efficient ability to select, construct, and manage commercial property has led the Company to become a preferred developer for Rite Aid Pharmacy.

At AF Jonna we take great pride in providing the communities we serve with unique buildings that stand apart from other retail developments.